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Do you do custom meal plans?

I DO custom consults- however, this is different than others how I do them. We would spend time on the phone going over your current stats, your goals and previously what you have been doing and I would revise these based on what needs to happen specifically for you. I don't write out meal plans but WOULD teach you during the call what to do and why it would work for you.

From there, I send a follow up re-cap of everything we went over and you can receive unlimited communication with me via text and/or phone for 4 weeks at a time. AND, if you would like a weekly check in call I can arrange this too.

Many of my clients that I do this type of plan with send me their food log every day or weekly for me to check and make sure we are staying on track.

This method is very effective. If you would like to do this with me I would love to work with you. I would help get you RESULTS.

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