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Can you help with disorders, injuries or diseases?

I can likely help you as everything I do is based around good solid NUTRITION and does not require you to workout.

However, I am not a doctor so I do not claim to cure or treat anything. So, make sure if you want medical help to check with them.

That being said, a solid, clean nutritional plan can add to your well being and can help you lose weight no matter what challenges you have.

If you are interested in working me with me I have a few options:

Custom consults, or a set program.

For custom consults I have several options including a month long UNLIMITED package which is what my clients have been most successful with. This would give you a detailed consult with me, a full follow-up customized plan and unlimited email contact with me for a month to make adjustments and help you get to your goals!  For weight loss, most of my clients lose 8-10 lbs during those 4 weeks if not more. Here are my rates and services for this:

For a set program, check out my "7-day Jump Start" plan.  It is a lifestyle nutrition plan that includes 7 detailed days of meals, and 44 additional tasty and easy to prepare recipes.

I have a 'jump start' program for Women, and for Men.

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