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Do you do Branding Consulting and Business Development?

YES, I DO help with branding. My background for the last 20 years is primarily sales/marketing and branding. Branding is a true passion of mine in addition to fitness and nutrition.

What I do with clients is typically a 1 hour consulting call where we discuss where we discuss what will make YOU unique and we discuss the best avenue to market and promote your brand.

You can ask me anything you want on the call.

After the call if you decide you want help with the web design, social media, deliverables, etc..... I would have you talk with my partner at our branding company

Let me know if you want to move forward and I will send you a paypal money request, and once this is paid we can schedule a call.

Another option that can be used WITH our call or alone is my Power Branding Workbook. This workbook is something you can download and it will take you through all of the questions to help YOU identify your brand and focus. It won't help you will deliverables but it will help you with the brand finding. You can see more about that here:

A blog that goes hand and hand with this is here:

I look forward to hopefully working with you!  You can view testimonials on my website under Services/testimonials.

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