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Should I order the Vegan Jump Start plan or the Regular plan?

You just need to know going in that to get the 'toned' look that you want, it is MUCH harder to accomplish being strict vegan/vegetarian.  The reason is it hard to get quality protein without all the added carbs!

I'm NOT trying to dissuade anyone from being vegan/vegetarian, it is just that lately I have had several people that were 'vegans / vegetarians' relax their standards and use whey protein and egg protein once they saw what is really required on a strict vegan/vegetarian plan.  It can totally be done...but it IS more difficult.  Just want to make sure you realize that so you can get the RESULTS you want.

That said, if you are going to be strict, definitely get the vegan plan.  If you are open to using whey protein, or eating more eggs and fish, the regular women's jump start would be the better option for you.

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